Diamonds Power: Hold and Win

发布日期: 09 November 2023

Step into a world where fortune meets royalty and diamonds come alive with electrifying power! Welcome to Diamonds Power, a dazzling slot game that will leave you breathless with excitement and shower you with sparkling riches!    

The game is a proud member of the “Hold and Win 3х3” game family and its entering it with the style. Diamonds Power, as the game series suggests, has a 3x3 layout with 5 active pay lines, the gameplay is also enhanced with exciting features such as the Diamonds Power Feature, Hold and Win Bonus Game and Diamond Pile feature. The latter lets players get the Hold and Win Bonus Game with every spin that contains any bonus symbols. The slot is engulfed in lightning and radiates excitement with every spin - with 4 in-game jackpots and exciting abovementioned additions, the game will keep everyone engaged for as long as it takes!

Game Features:

  • Wild symbol
  • Bonus symbol
  • Power Bonus symbol
  • Bonus Game
  • Diamonds Power feature
  • Diamond Pile feature
  • In-game Jackpots